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Damiani S.p.A or Damiani Group, is an Italian luxury jewelry corporate group that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry and luxury watches. It was founded in Italy in 1924. The company uses celebrity endorsements to market its products. In the early 2000s the company had a dispute with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston regarding the use of their names and wedding ring designs.

Amanda mentioned, "We bought 2 necklaces when we were in Rome in November 2017, they promised a 3 year warranty and replacement! About USD $5K later, my Damiani Pink gold necklace with diamonds $3k broke, I sent in the warranty certificate. They replied it was the wrong one.

I sent another one in. They said it was still wrong.

They are in Rome. We are in Silicon Valley. Seriously this kind of customer service when they don't have any boutique in San Francisco area.

I could have taken this to my local jeweler to fix so quickly. But the hubby insisted on the 3 years warranty they promise!

It's a total joke.

Now it makes sense why Nordstrom no longer carried their brand! Their snobby and full of attitude service and don't stand behind their products!

When in Rome, please DON'T BUY jewelry from them DAMIANI.

I told my hubby! Only but from brands that got boutiques or retailers in Northern California or even LA or Vegas, otherwise, we wouldn't get any services at all! What a waste of money!

And Damiani Pink gold necklace with diamonds we bought for $3K, got a resell value for 1/4 of it. What a mistake on our part!

Lesson learnt!"


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Employee (Former Employee) says

"Ufficio personale inesistente e senza i dovuti titoli per esercitare alcuni ruoli (es. Direttore del personale). Stipendi non adeguati assolutamente. Trattamenti personalizzati in base a conoscenze e non competenze. ZERO formazione del personale e zero crescita. Questa è Damiani"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Come le altre aziende del lusso, in questa non conta il merito per fare carriera. Inoltre la Maison non è affatto al passo coi tempi, anche vista la reticenza a spendere denaro per campagne pubblicitarie."

Atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"es una empresa de cosméticos, en la cual laboran puras mujeres, en el tiempo que estuve laborando, hubieron ciertos problemas de envidia, trabajar ahi para mi al menos era un poco incomodo, pues el hablar de otras personas lo considero de mala educación.era un ambiente tranquilo en cuestión de gentelas compañeras de trabajo"

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"L'Azienda Damiani mi ha sicuramente permesso di ampliare le mie conoscenze, permettendomi di seguire tutte le fasi di un progetto. Ho imparato a seguire in modo autonomo diversi progetti contemporaneamente, seguendo i brief dei vari reparti aziendali. La parte sicuramente più difficile è stata la gestione dello stress, essendoci scarsa organizzazione per quanto riguarda la tempistica e la gestione dei flussi di lavoro.Rapporti con i colleghi di lavoro"

Responsabile boutique (Former Employee) says

"Management non preparato colleghi non preparati ambiente di lavoro competitivo"

Assistant to the CFO (Former Employee) says

"Work environment was fun, young people working there. Gave everybody a chance to experience with hot couture jewelry which was fun being a girl and all.."

Amministrazione Vendite (Current Employee) says

"E' un' ottima azienda per imparare a lavorare seriamente e vedere tutte le varie funzioni che esistono in un'azienda del lusso. Si collabora con tutti. Ambiente assolutamente informale, dinamico, necessario saper sopportare lo stress in particolar modo a fine mese, e non avere orari fissi per andare a casa. Ma la soddisfazione del cliente finale ripaga.buoni pasto, cellulare aziendaletroppa informalità, caos negli uffici"

Logistics Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The company is ok not really what I expected.Hard to connect because company is based out of ItalyGreat benefitsalot of things written in Italian and time difference for help"

Assistente ufficio marketing (Former Employee) says

"E un azienda storica, stabile e in continua evoluzione, ambiente stimolante, giovanile, incenti la crescita e le risorse umane .ferie, buoni pasto, orario di lavoro"

Responsabile Boutique Pineider Firenze (Current Employee) says

"ambiente stimolante e competitivo a contatto con clientela di alto livello"

Rafael says

"The return policy is a disaster. I had a lot of problems with this company as I wanted to make a return from switzerland. At least I had to pay customs dues by myself for a ring I sent back because they couldn`t manage the paperwork for the custom with the delivery company. The other two bad things are that my first email wasn`t answered at all as I needed help. And calling the Helpline that was busy for days.."

James says

"I Try to buy from Switzerland but it was kind of impossibile. The website does not working, try to reach the customer care but nobody had answered me for 2 weeks!!!"

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